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I'm Emma, Neuro-linguistic Programming Coach and Intuitive Guide for men & yang-dominant individuals who are change-makers and thought-leaders in their field.Emma is deeply connected to the energetic realms and also grounded in the physical world. Emma utilises her background in Linguistics (BA), coaching tools from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and her own experience in project management, construction and entrepreneurship, to lead men & yang-dominant individuals to a deeper connection with themselves and guide you as change-makers and thought-leaders in your industry, to align your work with your highest excitements and joy. She believes that the way we communicate with ourselves and with others, lays the groundwork for the world we experience.Emma leads from a vibration of embodying the work she guides others through in her 1:1 Mentorship Programmes The Pathway to Connection & Creation™. Emma walks each step of the way with you and shares from her own challenges and vulnerabilities. Emma's mission is to hold space for those individuals who are ready to activate and bring their unique power to the world. Her greatest wish is to offer you the space for you to realise your own truths.Emma knows the power of building a connection with yourself first, the power of growing and expanding from internal core values and taking service-led action. She's honoured to do this work with the people who are ready and called to work with her.

Connect >> Integrate >> Create

3 month, 6 month and 9 month 1:1 mentorship programme, uniquely tailored to Changemakers, Entrepreneurs & Corporate LeadersWhat you'll receive:
• 1 Hour Pre-programme Connection Call & 1 hour post-programme Integration Call
• Bi-weekly 1.5 hour coaching calls on Zoom (face to face available in Ibiza). Each programme is uniquely designed to the individual and uses coaching tools from Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and service-led business strategy• A personalised 1 hour Human Design reading on ZoomHuman Design is a map of your energetic DNA. Rooted in ancient wisdom + science, it is a tool to help you create more ease + flow in your life and less tension + resistance• 3 x 1.5 hour Somatic Experience Coaching Sessions (available in 6 & 9 month programme)Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-centered therapeutic method for healing from traumatic or overwhelming life situations and chronic stress. SE can offer you an experience of re-embodiment where there has been disconnection.• Daily Voice & Text Messaging to guide and support you in between calls
• Lifetime access to our private client portal and community
• Full payment and monthly payment plans available
From anywhere in the world online on Zoom, or face to face in Ibiza
To strengthen your connection with yourself, so that you can live a connected and service-led life that fuels your creation.
What's the investment?
We wanted to create a 1:1 Mentorship container that was accessible and full of value, with lifetime access to our online community, so you'll get to continue with us even after your 1:1 Mentorship. As we want to be as inclusive as possible, we offer payment plans that you can spread across 3 to 12 months, and you can also contact us at hello@emmaevelyncampbell.com if you need any further support with your investment
I completely understand how investing in yourself can feel overwhelming, so we offer a 20 minute free chat with myself before enrolment so that we can best support you through this process3 Months - €5,555 / $6,222
6 Months - €10,111 / $11,111
9 Months - €12,111 / $13,711
-Our mentorship prices include all VAT & Taxes
-Please let us know in the application if you'd like to spread the cost of your investment using our 3-12 month payment plans
Complete our application form by clicking "I'm ready now" below ⇣ OR if you would like to learn more about our programme, schedule a free connection call with Emma

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We love to connect with our community, please contact us using the appropriate connection method for you, or send us an email directly at hello@emmaevelyncampbell.com and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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Please complete this application for our 1:1 mentorship intentionally, honestly and openly, taking your time to review your answers. Remember it doesn't matter about the length of your responses, just your intention to be here, allowing yourself to be guided through this process.If you experience any issues, please reach out to our team at hello@emmaevelyncampbell.comEverything you share with me is held with the respect and in 100% confidentiality.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, and thank you for placing your trust in me to hold this space for you, I appreciate and celebrate you.I will attentively review your answers, and be in contact with you within the next 48 hours.
Much Love,
Please note, as our 1:1 container is an intimate offering, all applications are first considered and acceptance to work 1-on-1 with Emma is dependent on final consideration by Emma Evelyn Campbell. This ensures that the mentorship is a good fit for us both.

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The Podcast creation lab

Emma believes that a podcast is the window to your soul. Podcasting is one of Emma's biggest callings and has since built 3 podcasts, and has hosted multiple livestreams over the past year. She has a podcast team and an easeful aligned workflow, so that she can support you in putting together your own unique podcast.Our uniquely designed 4-week podcast creation programme for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Creators, Leaders & Change-makers who are ready to share their voice and their message through a uniquely and custom built audio podcast.For you, the person knows the power of building a community around their unique message. t's not about knowing what to say or how to say it, it's about knowing the power of your voice and the importance of sharing your unique perspective, and creating the space for others to feel empowered to share theirs.We do more than just help you get set up with the right, easeful structures. We support you to find the confidence to clearly communicate your truth to others.What's you'll receive:
• 1 x 1 hour Discovering Your Message Call
• 2 x 30 Minute Podcast Launch Strategy Sessions
• Daily Voice & Text Messaging to guide and support you during your first month of podcasting
• Podcast Start-up Kit & List
• A Custom made Podcast Workflow
• A Custom made Podcast Intro & Outro
• Lifetime access to our private podcasting community
From anywhere in the world online on Zoom, or face to face in Ibiza
To support you in sharing your unique message with others, creating a community through podcasting and positioning you as a thought leader in your industry
Click "I'm so ready" below ⇣, once we receive payment, you'll here from our team to get you booked on to your first call!


"Emma talks about sometimes difficult topics in a very sensitive way and makes spiritual content accessible to people."
"Emma shares really profound thoughts but gives examples so that everyone can comprehend them. These podcasts stretch out my mind & I always learn something new"
"I love her questions, her consistency and energy and effort to build this platform. My absolute soulful sister"
"Thanks so much for the space that you are creating and what we are doing - I am deeply enjoying the evolutions and feelings"
"Emma has one of the most unique coaching methods I've ever encountered. I was having revelations for days afterwards. The session solved so many things I had questioned throughout my life."
"I reached out to Emma with the intention of learning about podcasting. I had an idea for a podcast, but I had no idea about how to actually get it out into the world. I wanted to save time, learn from someone who’s done it successfully, and focus my energy on my content rather than Googling for hours upon hours! Emma has a clear podcasting workflow that she generously shared while also being open to all questions, leaving no stone unturned. She also shared her intake form, and how/where/when to execute all the necessary steps to launch a podcast episode successfully. I learned where to find into/outro music, which apps to use, which items are best to outsource… Essentially all the ins and outs of podcasting. Thank you Emma!"
"I reached out to Emma while I was still brainstorming ideas and creating a plan to launch my podcast. She gave me step by step guidance on things to consider before launching. She shared with me the softwares I would need, the setup and the process. Most importantly, she motivated me to get started and allowed me to realize that podcasting is a tool to serve and support others on their own journeys. Thank you Emma for simplifying the journey and inspiring me to share what I love."
Please contact hello@emmaevelyncampbell.com if you wish to speak directly with some of our clients :)